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National Workplace Wellbeing Health Day 2017

National Workplace Wellbeing Health Day 2017 took place on Friday 31st March and Suicide or Survive as a leading mental health charity is urged people to make mental wellbeing  a priority in the workplace.


“We see from our work around the country that many people are struggling to cope at work due to both personal and workplace issues including work pressure, finance, relationships and  day to day challenges. Research shows that at any one time 20% of the working age population are struggling with their mental health.  At Suicide or Survive we consider this to be a conservative estimate.  Mental health has now become the most common cause of workplace absence so it’s a huge issue for both employees and employers” says Caroline McGuigan, the founder and CEO of Suicide or Survive.

“We run wellness workshops in workplaces throughout the country and hear all the time the pressures people are Under.   initiatives like National Workplace Wellbeing Day are so important. They help put the spotlight back on what is a huge issue for all of us.”

In the UK, new research from the Institute of Directors shows that over 50% of employers have been approached by employees about mental health challenges but only 14 per cent of companies have a policy in place to deal with the problem. The study also revealed that one in five directors in large companies didn’t know whether they had a policy at all. The number of days taken off due to mental health problems increased 25% year on year according to the UK Office for National Statistics. It states that anxiety, stress, and depression taken together are now the largest reason for workplace absence.  It is widely thought that the figures for Ireland are similar. ( Ref )

Suicide or Survive run a national workplace wellness programme that reaches small, medium and large size organisations. We have recently partnered with Sky Ireland to reach 1000 of its employees to help them improve their wellbeing, both at home and at work.

17635414_10155136028626796_2319431849591646322_o“Sky is a huge investor in our people. They are the most important aspect of our organisation and we take their wellbeing very seriously. We know that general wellbeing and mental health challenges are part of everyday life for the population. Things like stress, family pressures, bereavement, addiction – these are aspects of life that can affect us all and it’s vital we support each other in coping and finding support wherever possible. That’s why Sky has partnered with Suicide or Survive, to reach 1000 employees by offering them practical wellness tools and tips. It’s an area we are deeply committed to and see this as part of an overall societal shift towards putting health and happiness at the heart of society. Employers in particular have a huge role to play here.” – said Aoife Ní Mhurchú, head of HR with Sky Ireland.


  • 17th January, 2017
  • Allan Howes
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Supporters Programme


We are currently taking applications for our next Supporters Programme that will take place in Stonebridge House Shankill Co. Dublin. The programme will be run over a 2 and ½ day period taking place on 18th/25th February and 4th March. For full details on the Supporters Programme including how to apply please click here: or click on our services tab.

  • 1st January, 2016
  • Allan Howes
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Eden Programme Mayo


We are currently taking applications for our next Eden Programme that will take place in Castlebar in Mayo and commence in January 2017. The programme will be run over a 6 month period take place on a weekday morning from 10am – 1pm. For full details on the Eden Programme including how to apply please click here:


  • 14th November, 2016
  • Allan Howes
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We have limited places available on our last 2 WRAP programmes for 2016! WRAP continues to grow and we will be bringing more WRAP programmes into communities in 2017. If you would like to register your interest please email for more information on WRAP please click here:


  • 14th November, 2016
  • Allan Howes
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SOS Annual Luncheon

Luncheon image website

We are delighted to say we had our luncheon in aid of world suicide prevention and it was a huge success.  People took the day out from their busy lives and invested in a ticket to come to the luncheon in aid of suicide prevention.  On the day, truly amazing people had the courage to share their own personal experiences and how being a part of SOS is and has helped them through really difficult and sometimes very dark places.  People also shared the message of hope, resilience and how it is essential for communities to come togethger, and by doing this we will all be the change that is needed in Ireland.

From the bottom of our hearts – Thank you so much for making our Luncheon this year a huge success


Our Local Legends

Image2What an incredible event – The Borough Legends versus the Irish Masters giving their all in the Newstalk Wellness Cup match on 4th June.  We were truly blessed with blue skies, sunshine and a brilliant turn-out for this ground-breaking football match. It just goes to show what we can do when we all come together as a community, and in turn start conversations around mental health and suicide. A huge thank you to everyone who came along to support us on the day and of course to the legendary lads on the pitch. To check out highlights and videos from the day, please head over to our Facebook page.

  • 4th February, 2016
  • Allan Howes
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Simple Acts for a Healthy Mind – WRAP

SOS is offering you the opportunity to take part in a simple, successful, useful and valuable programme.  WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Planning®) is an innovative approach to investing in your wellness and it’s coming your way!  This programme will help you to discover new and proven ways of navigating life’s challenges and to feeling better and more confident in your ability to manage your own wellbeing.

We will be facilitating WRAP ® programmes over the coming months throughout Dublin.  Click here for dates.

If you are interested in booking a place on any of our WRAP programmes, call Lisa or Jacqui on 1890 577 577 or 01 272 2158.  Places are limited and book up fast so please give us a call!


Connecting for Life

ConnectingSuicide or Survive (SOS) welcomes ‘Connecting for Life’, the Government’s strategy to reduce suicide in Ireland over the next five years.
Commenting, Caroline McGuigan, CEO Suicide or Survive (SOS) said, “I am genuinely full of hope. I see the changes on the ground and I know we need to keep working collaboratively and sharing/learning together. Suicide or Survive feels included and part of the strategy and we are only delighted to be playing our part. The Connecting for Life Strategy was thoroughly researched and is evidence based. There was a robust national consultation to help us develop this roadmap in how together, we will reduce the loss of life through suicide.”
“We are all on this journey together, and over the next five years we at Suicide or Survive will do everything in our power to support and help to roll out the government’s National Strategy in its prevention of suicide and most importantly, in how we all can connect and understand our own mental health.”

Suicide or Survive Launches Mental Wellness App

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new SOS Mental Wellness App. This free mobile app has been developed to enable everyone to work towards better mental wellbeing and to provide you with the tools required to improve, manage and maintain your mental wellness.

The app was created from the experience gained through five years of running Wellness Workshops across the country.

sosapp for website

So whether you’re sitting on the bus, or at home with a cup of tea, the SOS app provides practical tools that you can use whatever your circumstances.

The app features include:

• How to take a mindful minute
• Mindfulness diary and timer
• Tracking device for you mental wellbeing overtime
• Feed your wolf of hope
• Watch short video presentations

Within your app store, search for Suicide or Survive and download it free-of-charge. Enjoy! Launched

Now you can take the Wellness Workshop with you anywhere! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Wellness Workshop online. Whether you’ve never experienced a Wellness Workshop, or you have and would like to revisit elements, this is the perfect platform to do so – click here and please do give us your feedback. Be sure to share with your family and friends too.

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