Corporate Partnerships

Our passion is to create and deliver innovative approaches that educate, inform and inspire people to cultivate good mental health and reduce stigma leading to less death by suicide. We have a vision of a world where everyone is empowered to look after their own mental health.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We believe that it will take all of us to change society’s attitude to mental health and suicide. Everything we do at Suicide or Survive we do in partnership. We believe that it is only by working together that we can achieve the mission and vision outlined above.

We are asking you to choose Suicide or Survive as your charity partner because the work we do is truly life changing and together we could make a real difference.

Choose Sos As Your Charity Partner
We see Charity Partnership as a vehicle by which both the organisation and the charity can benefit by working together to create real and lasting change.

At SOS we are passionate about living what we speak. It is our strong view that we cannot recommend a way of life or an attitude of change unless we are committed to that ourselves. With this in mind we encourage our charity partners to bring our programmes and services to their workplace in a tailor made way to significantly impact on wellbeing, reduce stigma and create an open culture around mental health. So your organisation will be impacted on two fronts. Firstly by changing the culture within your team you will reap the benefits of a more balanced, more focused and less stressed team. Secondly, as your company seeks to impact its community you will be able to fulfil many of your corporate social responsibility goals by contributing in a real way to mental health promotion, stigma reduction and suicide prevention nationally by raising funds which we will use to bring our programmes to communities all over Ireland.

Our Approach To Partnership
At Suicide or Survive we strive to create relationships with our partners based on transparency, open communication and honesty. We create equitable agreements and commit ourselves to acting with care and integrity. We honour those who fund us by providing high quality services and programmes that represent value for their investment. We strive for excellence in our governance to ensure that funds are used where they are most needed. We barter and bargain with our community partners and invest any funds saved to expand the number of people we can provide services to.

We are committed to supporting those who are working to build community through our partnership approach. We foster integration by bringing communities together to focus on mental health and wellbeing through our programmes. We emphasise the importance of supporting each other by modelling it in our own organisation and by reaching out to support and signpost where possible.

Corporate Sponsorship Package
Through our Corporate Sponsorship Package you can provide the funding for us to bring one or more of our innovative and life changing programmes to a community of your choice anywhere in Ireland. Your branding will be used on all promotional material for the programme. Information on your organisation and how you have partnered with us will be put into the packs given to each participant on the day of the programme. You can select from a number of options:

Wellness Workshop – Sponsorship Cost € 2,500

Your sponsorship of this Workshop will provide places for 50 members of the general public where they will learn simple, practical and effective tips, tools and techniques that anyone can use on a daily basis to monitor and maintain their mental health. The workshop helps to break stigma by bringing the community together to prioritise mental health. This workshop has been found to be extremely helpful and effective in 2 evaluations carried out by Trinity College. See our ‘Services’ page for more information on the workshop.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) – Sponsorship Cost € 3,000

WRAP is a 2 ½ day programme that runs over 3 consecutive weeks that helps participants to develop their own personally tailored Wellness Action Plan that they can use on a day-to-day basis to manage their wellness and that they can use if they begin to become unwell, to restore it. This programme is a globally recognised, evidence based game changer for mental health maintenance. The programme is highly interactive and can accommodate 20 people. See our ‘Services’ page for more information on WRAP.

Supporters Programme – Sponsorship Cost € 3,000

This programme was specifically designed for people who are supporting family members, friends, work colleagues, neighbours and members of their community who are struggling with their mental health. The programme can accommodate 16 people and runs for 2 ½ days over 3 consecutive weeks. For more information on the Supporters Programme see our ‘Services’ page.

You can facilitate and encourage your staff to raise funds for Suicide or Survive in a wide range of ways and perhaps match the funds raised with a corporate donation. All funds raised are put towards running our programmes in communities throughout the country.

We have partnered with people from all over Ireland who have come up with creative and exciting ways of raising funds as well as doing so through more traditional methods. See our Fundraising page for ideas or come up with new ones of your own. You can also encourage your staff to take part in our annual fundraisers such as our Shankill Cycle, Golf Classic, World Suicide Prevention Day Luncheon, and National Tea Break.