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Suicide or Survive – Fundraising ideas

Below are some ideas for fund-raising events which can be organised on a big or a small scale. Why not try out the ideas or, if you have other suggestions please let us know by calling us on 1890 577 577 or emailing Louise at

50 : 50 Raffle

This is how it works-

  • You sell raffle tickets at any event that you have going on.
  • There is only one prize – Half the takings!

That’s right, some lucky person gets half of all the money taken. The other half of course goes to your Suicide or Survive. The more tickets that are sold – the bigger the jackpot!

Build the excitement by showing the current total on a display board. If you can fit your totalizer in with the theme of your event so much the better. It’s really important to whip up some enthusiasm for the raffle but keep it good fun.

Of course the more tickets that are sold the less the chance of winning. But hey – doesn’t that mean that everyone should buy a few more just to be in with a good chance!
Don’t forget to have a last minute run round to see if anyone wants any more tickets just before the draw is made. You would be surprised how much extra cash you can bring in by getting the right person on this job.

Declare the winner at the end of the event and make a big thing of presenting them with the cash. Even if you are disappointed yourself, most people love to see someone else being lucky. The announcement can be a real highlight.

Simple Fundraising Ideas For The Office

Simple fundraising ideas are always the best. You can bring in a surprising amount of money with just a little effort. And where better to start than your place of work? Here are some really easy office fundraising ideas:

Best / Worst Tie

Charge your colleagues a fee to enter your best or worst tie competition. Offer a decent prize and have the entire office vote at lunchtime. For an extra bit of fun you could have a little fashion show.

Don’t restrict this competition to the boys.

Come on Ladies this is your chance to put the chaps to shame!

Cake Table

Homemade cakes are always going to be popular with your colleagues. A bit of baking the night before will see you rake in the cash at coffee- time the next day.

Organise a table in your department or take around a tray of home-baked treats.

Baby Photo Competition

Bet you never realized your boss once looked so cute or that scary lady from accounts was once a giggling beauty! Get a baby photo from all your colleagues. Scan them and pin them up or circulate a sheet with them all on and charge your friends to match the correct photo to the office character. Prize for the most correct answers.


Simple fundraising ideas that also help save the planet. Have a system of fines for anyone in the office who:

  • Fails to turn off lights.
  • Leaves their computer on when away from their desk longer than 30 minutes.
  • Prints unnecessary emails.
  • Prints but then fails to collect and use what they have printed.
  • Uses a fresh piece of paper for jotting down messages.
  • Puts something in their workstation bin that could have gone in the recycling.

Tea and Coffee Runs

Collect your colleague’s tea and coffee all week. Best to agree fixed times and a price for the entire week.

Car Park Car Wash

For really simple fundraising ideas look no further than the car park. There’s bound to be someone in the office who wants their hubcaps polishing at lunchtime!

Penny Bottle

OK – it sounds obvious but having an easily accessible bottle where people can pop any odd change can be a good little earner. It’s also a very visual reminder of the good cause you are raising cash for.

Extra large bottles can be obtained by asking nicely in pubs and bars. Office fundraising ideas don’t come much easier than this.

Inter-departmental Sports Matches

Everyone in training for the good of the office! “We can’t let the Finance Department beat us can we?”

Inter-departmental fun quiz

This can be really popular. Pick your venue and quizmaster with care. For interesting variations you could have pop quizzes, question of sport, TV trivia – just to give the rest of us a chance!

Office Sweepstakes

Organise an office sweepstake on any major sporting events that come up. These are always popular – winners scooping a prize and a lot of banter and teasing in store for the person who picks the booby!

Bingo Night Fundraiser

Eyes Down Ready, Full House for a prize. Everyone wins with a Bingo Night Fundraiser!

Bingo in various shapes or forms is popular all around the world. It’s a really sociable game, lots of fun and easy to organise. This makes it a great fundraising activity!!

What Is Bingo?

At its very simplest bingo involves someone calling a series of random numbers usually found on small tiles or balls selected from a sack or by a bingo machine. Players have cards containing a set amount of numbers. If a number is called which matches one on their card they can cross it off. The first to cross off all their numbers (called a full house) wins.

How To Organise A Bingo Night Fundraiser

A bingo night is perfect for any organisation looking to hold a social event that will also raise funds for SOS. As with all the best fundraising ideas other money making elements can be added around the basic idea.

Bingo Night Venue

This of course depends on how many people you think you will attract to your event. Church halls, school halls or social clubs are ideal but your local pub may allow you to run a session – particularly during the week or on one of their quieter evenings. Most bingo nights will include some form of refreshment so you need to factor in catering facilities and a bar if you require one.

Tip: If you are using a school hall venue do please ensure that there are plenty of chairs the right size for adults!

Bingo Night Food

This can take many forms depending on the culinary abilities of your group and the facilities at your venue. It is good to include some form of refreshment however to make a real night of it. Often tickets for the Bingo Night can be sold to include some kind of meal. Things that can be cooked by volunteers in advance and then reheated at the venue are ideal. How about:

  • Curry
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Bolognaise

The Bingo Cards

Bingo cards can be easily purchased online or from charity supply companies.

It is not too difficult however to make and print your own using a simple grid system. 10 – 14 numbers per card is normal. Most bingo sets use numbers 1 to 100.

Choose your numbers carefully to include a good spread over the card. It is normal to keep things in numerical order as you move either across or down the card. Some people like to purchase extra cards and will be marking off several at once so this keeps things easy.

For a very cheap and easy version you could also simply supply players with a blank grid and a pen. They can then fill in their own lucky numbers before each game starts.

Tip: If you do this its fun to get people to swap cards at least once during the evening. Helping or confounding your neighbour with lucky or unlucky numbers results in plenty of good natured banter!

Whatever cards you use have plenty of pens on hand for people to use.

The Bingo Caller

Choosing the right Bingo Caller is very important and can make or break your evening. This is not a job for shrinking violets! You need someone reasonably authoritative but who can also make the night good-natured and fun.

It is usual for the caller to sit at the front facing the players. One by one they pull and call numbers either from a sack of tiles or using a bingo machine. These tiles or balls are then placed on a grid for checking winning cards. At the start of each game all the numbers are returned to the sack.

The Bingo Games

The basic game is, the first person to cross off or cover all their numbers wins. This is called “House”. The first player to call “House” has their numbers checked off by the Caller and wins a prize.

It is normal however for smaller prizes to be awarded within the game.

First “Line” is given to the first complete row.

“Corners” is given to anyone completing all four corners on their card.

It is best to only include one of these additions each time. Announce it at the start of each game.

The number of rounds / games you can play in an evening depends on the number of players and your caller. An average game with 100 numbers will generally take about 15 minutes before a winner is found. The best thing is to be flexible and have plenty of spare cards for extra games in reserve.

A good general format for a bingo night is-

  • 3 - 4 games – 1 hour
  • Refreshments and raffle 1/2 hour
  • 3 games – 45 mins -1 hour


This is really up to you and depends on the nature of your event. Most charity bingo events are played for the fun of it and your prizes should reflect this. Funny prizes can add to the success of the evening. School pens for instance make great non-serious prizes for winners of lines and corners. You may like to ask for donated prizes in advance or buy in suitable items.

How To Make Money From A Bingo Night

You can charge for the evening in various ways. Some groups prefer an all in price for the evening which will include a card for every game and refreshments. Others prefer to charge per game. Always offer the option of purchasing extra cards as a way of boosting the night’s takings.

Do make sure that all your other usual fundraisers, such as items for sale, are on offer during the night. A raffle is also a must and is an extra bit of fun for the middle of the evening.

Car Wash

A Fundraising Car Wash is simple to organise. Fun to do. And is a great way to raise funds.

Find a venue for your Charity Car Wash

First decide where the fundraising car wash will take place. This might be:

  • School Playground
  • Sports Club Car Park
  • Supermarket Car Park (permission will be needed)
  • Workplace car park (have your car washed while you are at work)
  • In people’s own driveways

The choice of venue really depends on whether you plan to target passers-by or wash the cars of people prepared to drive to your site.

Access to a water supply is also obviously a must have!

How to advertise your event

Make sure you advertise your fundraising car wash strongly using:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Local media -many local newspapers and radio stations will not charge to plug charity events
  • Word of Mouth -It is so easy to forget but if everyone in your group or school bags just one customer….?

The idea can also be worked by pre-selling vouchers for the Car Wash in advance of the event.

In all your communications make sure you have all the contact information and details of SOS.

The Equipment You Will Need

You will need

  • Hose pipe
  • Buckets
  • Clean Rags
  • Chamois leather
  • Soft cloth for polishing
  • Car shampoo
  • Volunteers who don’t mind getting wet (because they will)

How To Wash Cars

To wash the car first gently hose the car all over (make sure the windows are shut!). Then using the sponges and car shampoo wash the grime away using wide circular movements.

All car washing should start at the top of the car and work its way to the bottom.When the roof is done work down the sides front and back. Next move on to the lights and grill. Lastly do the sills and wheels. Rinse the car again then with the chamois leather dry the surface thoroughly. Finally use a soft cloth to polish.

The key to good car washing is to change the water in your buckets regularly.

Be careful of dropping cloths and sponges on the ground where they may pick up dirt and small pieces of grit which will scratch the surface of the car.

Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

If customers are to remain around while you wash their car ensure that you have somewhere they can sit and wait.

Don’t miss an opportunity could you be offering / selling them some lovely home made refreshments!

Certainly make sure that there is plenty of information around about your Suicide or Survive.

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