How To Donate


Any donation you make, regardless of the amount, is welcomed and valued by Suicide or Survive. All donations go directly towards supporting SOS in our mission to challenge the stigma attached to mental health and suicide and allow us to continue to deliver our much-needed workshops and programmes throughout Ireland. You can make a donation in a number of simple ways:

Online:  You can make a donation online here:

By text:  Text SOS6 to 50300 to donate €6

100% of your donation goes to Suicide or Survive across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €4.88 will go to Suicide or Survive. Service Provider LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

Cheques, Bankers Drafts, or Postal Orders: You can make a donation directly to us by cheque, bankers draft, or postal order. Please make these payable to Suicide or Survive and send to this address:

Suicide or Survive
Stonebridge House
Stonebridge Close
Co. Dublin

Credit card donation: Please call us on 01 272 2158 to make a credit card donation.

Charitable Partnerships: At Suicide or Survive we believe that it is only through partnership and active collaboration that we can reduce the number of people who take their own lives on a daily basis in Ireland.  We would love to hear from you if your organisation is interested in becoming a charitable partner with Suicide or Survive. Please email us on or call to talk to Noeleen or Jacqui in our office on 01 272 2158.