Lifes Little Emergency Kits


The Lifes Little Emergency kit was put together by a lady that SOS supported during her darkest days.  The kits, which cost €4 each, act as a reminder that no matter how dark the situation may seem, there is support out there.


Each item in the kit has a special meaning:

An elastic band – to stretch yourself to your limit

Marbles – in case you lose your own

A coin – so that you are never broke

String – to keep things together if they fall apart

An eraser – to wipe away any mistakes

A rose – to remind you that someone loves you!

To order directly from our website click here:

Or call the SOS team on 1890 577 577 or email:

We would also ask any business – but particularly retail outlets – to take a box of kits to sell to your customers or staff. Funds raised through the sale of our Life’s Little Emergency Kits come directly to our organisation and help us provide the much needed service we offer to the community.

Lifes Little Emergency Kits are a wonderful party favour – all celebrations and gatherings are a celebration of life and the kits are a lovely thoughtful gift for your guests to take home, many people have given them as wedding favours for example.