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Mental Health Corporate Culture Change Programmes

Fact #1 Everyone has mental health

Fact #2 Everyone, at some stage in their lives, will experience challenges to their mental health

Fact #3 The number one blocker to people speaking up and seeking help when their mental health is challenged is the stigma associated with this issue.

The truth is we cannot alter the first two of these facts! The great news is that with a focused and determined effort we can radically change the third one.

That’s why at Suicide or Survive we are passionate about breaking stigma and changing the way we look at mental health. Evidence tells us that the workplace is an area where stigma around mental health continues to persist. Stigma prevents people from speaking up and seeking help when they are struggling. Unsurprisingly this silent suffering affects our “bottom line”. The estimated cost to employers anually of absence resulting from mental health issues is in the region of € 500 MILLION and estimates suggest that presenteeism costs 7 ½ times that amount each year. So most progressive businesses know that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is clear that an investment in this area is good for both the employer and the employee. Your management team may already have identified this challenge as being a real and present issue and it has been flagged as a “need to do”. You may already have decided that it’s time to take action and create an open culture in your workplace where employees are able to talk about mental health and their managers are equipped to support them within the parameters of their role, however you are unsure of how to raise the issue in a way that isn’t alarmist, isn’t confrontational and doesn’t appear to be a knee jerk reaction. That’s where Suicide or Survive help you reach your organisational wellness goals.

Our Corporate Culture Change Programmes present information in a simple to understand and non-threatening style which is inclusive, interactive and fun. Our programmes have been independently assessed by both Trinity College and DCU and are endorsed by the HSE. We share a wealth of tips, tools and techniques that demystify and destigmatise the subject of mental health. We work with organisations to open the conversation around positive mental health and to introduce staff and management to the positive benefits of taking personal responsibility for their own wellness. Our programmes help break the stigma that stops people from seeking help when they struggle, as we all will, in life. Honestly it’s not just us that say our programmes are impactful listen to what the team from Sky Ireland have to say about their experience with our workshops.


All of our seminars, workshops and programmes will be tailored to suit the needs of your specific workplace. So how can we help you?

Workplace Wellness Seminars

These one and a half-hour seminars open the conversation about mental health and wellness. During the seminar we address issues such as stress, managing our daily moods, feeding hope, managing our thoughts, and seeking help. We share personal stories of how our facilitators have faced challenges to their own mental and how by using the tips and tools shared on the workshop along with other strategies and support were able to come through to brighter days. This is a fast paced, information rich and full of fun seminar. It helps to create a common language around mental health in the organisation making it easier for people to be open and seek help when they are struggling.

These seminars can accommodate up to 40 people and are facilitated by 1 – 2 of our team who have years of experience, both professional and personal, in the area of mental health. The cost of the Workplace Wellness Seminar is €800

To enhance the participants experience and continue their learning we can also provide a seminar pack that includes our highly acclaimed Wellness Workbook, the SOS Wellness Jar, an SOS Mindfulness CD and a Life’s Little Emergency Kit for a cost of €12 per participant to accompany the seminar.

Workplace Wellness For Managers And Team Leaders

So how can a manager open the conversation around mental health with a team member or handle it if a team member brings it up? Is there a proper thing to say or a right thing to do?
This Workplace Wellness programme equips Managers and Team Leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be more effective in dealing with the issue of mental health in the workplace.

The programme covers:

• Opening the conversation around mental health
• Reducing stigma in the workplace
• Legislation in relation to workplace mental health
• Reasonable accommodation
• The role of the manager/ team leader in supporting and signposting

This highly effective half day Workshop is interactive and includes a suite of videos sharing a lived experience of mental health and the workplace. The Workshop can accommodate up to 30 Managers/ Team Leaders and runs at a cost of €1,500

Managers can be further supported following this workshop to deal with issues that may arise on a needs basis. The cost of this consultancy work can be discussed with SOS if the need arises.

We can provide a seminar pack that includes our highly acclaimed Wellness Workbook, the SOS Wellness Jar, an SOS Mindfulness CD and a Life’s Little Emergency Kit for a cost of €12 per participant to accompany the seminar.

Half-Day Wellness Workshop

When it comes to mental health maintenance the mantra of “If it’s to be it’s up to me!” is very relevant. So if I do take the responsibility what kind of things should I be doing?

This half-day Workshop gives attendees a deeper level of understanding of how to monitor and manage their own wellness. The Workshop addresses the importance of our thoughts and how they drive our moods and participants learn how to critically assess how they are thinking so they can change some of the negative thought patterns that impact on their wellness. We explore mindfulness and how it reduces stress if used on a daily basis. We use a simple tool to highlight the areas of our lives that are dragging our mood down or creating stress. We talk about personal responsibility and how seeking help before a crisis is not weak but wise. We discover how diet affects our mental health. Participants will also learn how to begin to construct their own Wellness Toolbox. All attendees receive a range of take-aways that they can use to enhance their wellness including our highly acclaimed Wellness Workbook and a Life’s Little Emergency Kit.

This half-day workshop affords the opportunity for staff and management to grow their own knowledge of wellness in a familiar environment. Interaction and group discussion (on a no pressure basis) is a major part of the Workshop and so we limit the number of attendees to a maximum of 40. The Workshops are facilitated by 2 of our hugely experienced facilitators and cost €1,500

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

“What is not measured is not managed!” and “If we fail to plan we plan to fail!”
are probably two of the most frequently used business wisdoms. Imagine if we applied that attitude to looking after our wellness!
WRAP is a 2 ½ day programme run over 3 consecutive weeks that helps you to develop your own personally tailored Wellness Action Plan that you can use on a day-to-day basis to manage your wellness and to restore it if you begin to struggle.

WRAP can help you to:
• Monitor and manage your own mental wellness
• Identify triggers and signs that your wellness is being challenged
• Develop plans for what you will do to restore/ manage your wellness when this

This programme is a globally recognised, evidence based game changer for mental health maintenance. Many organisations use this as the programme to train up their in-house advocates and mental health ambassadors as it covers many issues that challenge a large number of the workforce in an in-depth way. The programme is facilitated by 2 of our specially trained WRAP facilitators who have both professional and personal experience in the area of mental health.

This programme can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 delegates and is run at a cost of €5,000

Now here is an added bonus! The fees from these corporate culture change seminars, workshops and programmes are used to enable us to bring our programmes to people in communities throughout Ireland. So not only will you be investing in your own business you will also be contributing to the wellness of the community.

Further Opportunities To Be Leaders In Wellness Maintenance

SOS can offer your organisation the opportunity to place a branded version of our online Wellness Workshop on your intranet. This affords your organisation a chance to front the initiative with a personal video message from your CEO and to have your organisations branding visible through the site. This a very effective way to display to your staff that you are serious about mental health maintenance. The cost of this branding can be discussed.
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At SOS we are committed to working in partnership to reduce stigma, promote mental health and prevent suicide.

Through our corporate sponsorship package you can provide the funding for us to bring one of our Wellness Workshops and/ or WRAP programmes to a community of your choice anywhere in Ireland. See our corporate page for more details.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the seminars/ workshops/ programmes outlined above you can contact Paula Lawlor, National Programme Manager at or on 1890 577 577